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Boundless Fitness

Aerial Studio Specializing in Pole Fitness

Paso Robles, California

Our Story

Our passion encouraged us to create Boundless Fitness an aerial studio in Paso Robles specializing in pole fitness. Pole fitness is defined as dance and acrobatics centered movements on a vertical pole. A combination of stretches, strength training, dance, gymnastics and mobility will transform your body and mind.

Accidents Happen

It all started with an injury... on a rainy Superbowl Sunday in 2014 owner Estera Semeniuc injured her knee while jumping over a fence to help a car accident. (Everyone made it out safely the only casualty was an ACL)

Booty Boot Camp

On March 16 2015 after receiving multiple "gentle" encouragements from her physical therapist Estera joined a booty boot camp because she wasn't getting stronger. (Truth be told she wasn't doing the exercises at home because she hates working out.)

The Discovery

On May 21 2015 pole fitness was discovered and Estera fell in love. (Booty boot camp was long forgotten, thank goodness, Estera REALLY hates working out.)


The next logical step was to get certified. On April 27 2016 Estera became certified as a pole fitness instructor by the pioneer of pole dancing instruction Fawnia Monday. (What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. You're welcome Paso!)

Do You Want to Build a Pole Dance?

As a good friend put it... we wanted to build a "Pole Dance" and thus Boundless Fitness came to be. (Not really as simple as that, there was a lot of sweat, muscles, labor and wine involved.)‚Äč

One Year Later

Since our doors have opened we have added so many more programs to our studio and are constantly expanding. Programs like burlesque, acro yoga, a hanging pole, lyra have graced our schedule. Some permanent programs and others just visiting guests.