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Boundless Fitness

Aerial Studio Specializing in Pole Fitness

Paso Robles, California

Thank You For Booking a Class!  

We look forward to meeting you! Below are a few helpful hints and answers to questions you might have!

What should I wear

Pole Fitness:

Mid-thigh or shorter work-out shorts, a sports bra and a sleeveless tee-shirt are the best options. Leg warmers are encouraged. Please remove jewelry before class especially any on fingers, toes and wrists.


Regular work out clothes. Be sure to wear leggings that go over your knees for floor-work.

Lotions & Oils

Hand and body lotions and oils are slippery and will make it difficult to grip the pole, try to skip those the day of your class. If you can't don't worry, we do sell grip aid in the studio.

Alcohol Policy

Parties at Boundless Fitness involve physical activity and drinking prior to the party is not recommended. Anyone intoxicated will not be allowed to participate and no refunds will be granted.

Late Policy

We ask that you respect the instructor's time and require everyone to show up at your scheduled time on time. Late shows will not result in the class being extended, rescheduled or reimbursed.