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Boundless Fitness

Aerial Studio Specializing in Pole Fitness

Paso Robles, California

Level 1 Pole Fitness

There is no need to have any prior dance or fitness experience to try our Level 1 Pole Fitness Program.

You don't have to be flexible, strong, coordinated, or have a perfect body. You don't join a gym once you are already fit... you join a gym to help you get fit, the same goes with pole. Everyone is intimated when they start.

Pole does not have to be intimidating, that is why we offer leveled classes that will build your strength, confidence and technique. Leveled classes meet once a week for four weeks for level 1 and twelve weeks for all other levels. We require all new students to take level 1 and progress through the levels. We offer a new level 1 course every four weeks. Use the Mindbody app to reserve your spot.